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Land Rover 4x4 Drive Day, Featuring TuffAnt Wheels

2 Off-Road Routes. 30 Land Rover Vehicles.

70 People.

There’s nothing quite like a day of off-roading with a bunch of your Land Rover mates! Through the mountains and mud, we had an unforgettable experience catching up with many of our community members and making new friends along the way.

The day was a true celebration of the Land Rover spirit, with an impressive representation of different vehicles. We saw a range of D3, D4, D5, New Defender 90 and 110, Range Rover Vogue, Sport - and even a Perentie - showing up!

Exploring the Best of Mt Mee, Australia

Our adventure kicked off with a thrilling exploration of Mt Mee’s best dirt and rock tracks. Situated near Brisbane, QLD, Mt Mee offers some of the most exciting off-road terrains in the region. The combination of challenging trails and stunning scenery made it the perfect playground for our Land Rover convoy.

As we navigated through rugged paths, steep inclines, and muddy trails, the camaraderie among the group was amazing to see The shared passion for off-roading and Land Rovers brought us all together, creating a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Community Lunch and Connection

After an exhilarating morning on the tracks, we headed to a nearby park to relax and refuel. Our community lunch was a highlight of the day, offering a chance for everyone to unwind, share stories, and enjoy delicious food. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange tips and experiences, and forge new friendships.

Reflecting on the Day: RockSliders

One of the standout features during our off-road adventure was the exceptional performance of TuffAnt's RockSliders. These rugged, high-quality accessories proved indispensable as we navigated the challenging terrains of Mt Mee, ensuring our Land Rovers remained unscathed while tackling the toughest trails.

We look forward to many more adventures together, exploring new trails and continuing to build the TuffAnt spirit.

Until next time, keep those Land Rovers ready for the next off-road adventure!

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