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Who is TuffAnt?

TuffAnt is an Australian company headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, with a dedication to delivering superior off-road solutions. Stemming from an unwavering enthusiasm for Land Rover vehicles and the world of 4x4ing, TuffAnt specialises in offering a comprehensive selection of wheels and accessories meticulously crafted for Land Rover Discovery 3, 4, 5, New Defender, and select models of the Range Rover Sport.

Do TuffAnts have Steel or Alloy wheels?

Yes! TuffAnt offer both steel and alloy wheels all specifically designed for 4WDriving and to suit your style and budget. 

  • The TuffAnt Pilbara is an 18" steel wheel made from high strength steel, machine pressed, machine welded,  painted, then powder-coated to provide a wheel that is rated at 1000kg each. The Pilbara embraces its rugged, no-nonsense looks. 

  • The TuffAnt Simpson is an 18" alloy wheel that has more of that OEM look and fits the all models of Discovery 3, 4, and 5.  Manufactured by pressure cast, then powder-coated, The Simpson is rated to 1050kg each.

  • The TuffAnt Kimberley was added to the line-up in 2022.  This wheel, also 18", is rotary forged and comes in at a featherlight 13.4kg and impressive load rating of 1500kg. Now also available in 20" x 8" version.

  • The 18.5" x 8.5" TuffAnt Kakadu is TuffAnt's lightest wheel yet but is still capable of handling the most rough terrain, and similarly to the Kimberley, has a load rating of 1500kg.

All of the TuffAnt wheels undergo rigorous testing processes to ensure all standards and compliance requirements have been met.

Where are TuffAnts made?

TuffAnt products are made in dedicated factories in China and Vietnam. They manufacture all types of wheels including 4WD, SUV, trailer, and even OEM wheels for certain car manufacturers. We work in closely with the factory and have in place rigorous testing and Quality Assurance checks  to ensure all standards and compliance requirements are met along with verification from Australian engineers.

Are TuffAnts legal in Australia?

Yes, TuffAnts are completely lawful in all states across Australia. Furthermore, the final design of  adheres strictly to the relevant ISO, DOT, and SAE standards, ensuring that they are fully suitable for their intended purposes worldwide.

How much do TuffAnt Wheels weigh?

TuffAnt Pilbara weigh approximately 18kg. 

TuffAnt Simpson weigh approximately 13.7kg.

TuffAnt Kimberley weigh approximately 13.4kg.

TuffAnt Kakadu weigh approximately 12.8kg.

Will they fit my Range Rover?

Certain Range Rover models are also able to use these wheels. Check the Fitment page for the latest information that is updated regularly.

Can I put ET27 wheels on my Discovery 4?

Even though the MKII/ET27 (available in Pilbara and Simpson) was specifically designed for the D5, they do actually fit the D4, they just have a slightly wider track (17mm) due to the differing offset. The overall diameter of the wheel does not change, and the wheel still sits nicely within the wheel arch.

Can I pickup?

Whilst we don't have a bricks and mortar store, pickup from our warehouse in Brisbane can be arranged. Contact us at to arrange a suitable time.

What is my best delivery option?

By far, the most hassle-free delivery option is to get your wheels delivered direct to your tyre fitter.  TNT will only deliver within business hours but do require a signature.  By delivering direct to your tyre fitter, it saves you the time and hassle of being at home for TNT then taking them yourself to the tyre fitter.

Full range of freight costs available here - Freight Info

As of December 1, 2020, TuffAnts' freight pricing was limited to commercial addresses exclusively, encompassing commercial offices or tire fitters. At that time, TNT, which is now under the ownership of FedEx, implemented an additional $175 charge for wheel shipments to residential addresses. TuffAnt had been absorbing previous cost increases but could not accommodate that particular rise. Consequently, the change was implemented from December 1, 2020.

We had communicated the matter to TNT (now owned by FedEx) and had explored alternative shipping companies. Until further notice, all deliveries were required to be directed to commercial premises only (excluding home offices) starting from December 1, 2020.

Do you provide International delivery?

Yes! TuffAnt is available in Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom (mainland) and the European Union.  If you live in a different country, contact us for a quote.


Can I talk to a real person?

Yes, we are happy chat over the phone (0490 66 66 45).  However there may be times that we are in remote locations or out of the country, please leave a message or send us an email in the form below with your phone number and the best time to call.  We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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