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Our Story


Here at TuffAnt we love all things Land Rover, as well as hitting 4x4 tracks in these capable rigs and exploring the outdoors. But sadly, as most owners have found, a distinct lack of suitable 19" tyres left us wanting more. We wanted wheel and tyre combination to match the amazing technical ability of Land Rovers in all the tough off-road conditions we care to throw at it.  From first-hand experience, we have felt the shortcomings of the tyre choice when the going gets tough and we ask the most from our tyres.


Whilst we found that the tyre choices in 18” are vastly improved, we quickly realised that if you wanted to choose 18" wheel you were left with very few legal options, particularly in Australia.


The existing options were expensive and often hard to get. 


We knew there had to be a better way. 


The solution was a properly engineered and legal 18" steel rim that would suit late model Discovery 4’s and LR4’s that would not break the bank or require any vehicle modifications.  Of course the wheels also fit the D3 as well as some Range Rover Sport Models (see Fitment page). 

...and so TuffAnt was born.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The TuffAnt team are genuine Land Rover enthusiasts - we all love nothing more than exploring new four-wheeling driving areas and then relaxing at the campsite.


It started with the Pilbara & it's been constant innovation since!

Get to Know Us

Meticulously tested to meet rigorous standards for strength, fatigue, and cornering, our TuffAnt 18" & 20" wheels exceed all required benchmarks set forth by Australian regulations. They have been specifically engineered to adhere to the strictest conditions imposed on modifications to factory-supplied equipment, making them fully compliant and legal in all states across Australia.

To ensure global adaptability, the TuffAnt 18" & 20" also adhere to relevant international standards, including ISO, DOT, and SAE. As a result, these wheels are fully equipped to perform flawlessly in any corner of the world, making them a truly versatile and fit-for-purpose choice.

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