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RockSliders for Discovery 3 & 4

The Discovery 3/4 community is passionate about 4WDriving, so we are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the TuffAnt lineup, the TuffAnt RockSliders for Discovery 3 & 4! 

RockSliders for Discovery 5

RockSliders for Discovery 5 boast a sleek integrated design - featuring a substantial slider base, a departure from the common add-on look. With over 300mm of sliding surface, it provides enhanced protection, including safeguarding the air tank. Reinforced bracing adds lateral impact protection, while a practical step allows convenient standing anywhere on the car's side.


TuffAnt Rear Tray - New Defender 110



Crafted from premium-grade aluminium powder coated black, this tray embodies durability and lightweight design.


Designed to completely replace the underfloor foam to take full use of the available space while allowing you to customise to your own specific needs.


Equipped with not one but two 50-amp Anderson plug cut-outs, as well as pass-through access for 120 and 175-amp Anderson connectors, this tray opens a realm of possibilities. Seamlessly tap into your vehicle's 12-volt system, facilitating direct connections to additional batteries, DC to DC chargers, compressors, and a myriad of 12-volt accessories.


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