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New Defender

"Drives amazingly well, and very refined. Insanely good off-road. Brilliant design."

Top Gear Team,
August 2021

This vehicle is an absolute off-roading powerhouse. The Land Rover Defender L663, often hailed as 'the most rugged and capable Defender ever crafted' (G. McGovern), consistently leaves a lasting impression.

Click on the picture for in-depth information.

TuffAnt has undertaken a full ADR Certification design and engineering program to fitment of 18” wheels to most* D300 and P400 Defenders for a legal upgrade in Australia. 

*Note: if your Defender came ordered with 22” wheels from MY21 onwards, regardless of engine, it's likely you will be limited to 20” Rims, contact us if you are not sure.

This ADR certification programs provides the following

  1. Rear Brake Calliper Swap with Genuine LR Callipers

  2. Existing Brake pads, rotors, and other parts are untouched

  3. Fitment at a TuffAnt approved installer in your capital city

  4. ADR Plated solution

  5. No impact to Warranty or Insurance (Check your policy, you made need to notify them)

How does this work?

  1. In the TuffAnt Shop choose the Defender Brake Upgrade Package to secure your place in the queue (Choose your closest Capital city)

  2. Order your TuffAnt Wheels. This secures your wheels and will be sent to your Tyre Dealer at the same times your brakes package.

  3. Once the order is placed, we will confirm your order and when it’s on the way. 

Note: These callipers are in short supply world-wide so your order secures your place in the queue.

Once fitted, you have a complete 18” Off-Road Solution.

Vehicle Gallery

Fitment Table

Model Year
Kakadu Coming Soon
Kimberley 18"
Kimberley 20"
Pilbara ET44
Pilbara ET27
Simpson ET44
Simpson ET27


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