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Discovery 5

"Unstoppable off-road, superb motorway manners, vast cabin space, improved interior tech."

Top Gear Team,
March 2021

Discover the Versatility of the Discovery 5: Beyond its sleek design, this substantial vehicle offers impressive off-road capabilities.

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TuffAnt  Simpson & Kimberley (alloys) 

The TuffAnt Simpson ET27's and the TuffANt Kimberley ET29 fit all model D5's up to and including MY21 D300 (other MY21 models such as the P360 are yet to be test fitted). MY22 and MY23 D300 models are yet to be tested, however it does appear the same brake package is being used as seen on the MY21 D300. 

The below information pertains only to the TuffAnt Pilbara (ET27). 

TuffAnt Pilbara (steelies)

If you have an MY19 model or later, SD6 (HiPo) or D300 version you will not be able to fit TuffAnt Pilbara without modification.  The good news is that at this point the new Pilbara will fit all earlier Discovery 5 models.   

As always, if you are not sure, please drop us a line or give us a call during business hours and we would love to help you out.  Check out the Fitment table below for detailed information about what wheels will and wont fit.

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Fitment Table

Model Year
Kakadu Coming Soon
Kimberley 18"
Kimberley 20"
Pilbara ET44
Pilbara ET27
Simpson ET44
Simpson ET27


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