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Introducing the TuffAnt Underbody Armour, the ultimate protection for your New Defender 110


Specifically designed to integrate with the TuffAnt RockSliders, this 3 - piece system is engineered to safeguard critical components such as the engine, gearbox, and factory fuel tanks.


This cutting-edge armour is a testament to durability and lightweight design. Crafted from high-grade 5mm Aircraft Aluminium, the TuffAnt Underbody Armour offers strength without compromising on weight. Engineered with precision, it ensures your vehicle remains fortified against the toughest terrains and challenges.


Combined with the TuffAnt RockSliders, our Underbody Armour provides comprehensive protection for your vehicle's undercarriage.


For those seeking extended range and adventure, TuffAnt also offer an option compatible with the current (as of 2024) Long Ranger Defender fuel tanks.  This  2-piece design has the same front piece as the complete version, however the mid section is different to accommodate the additional fuel tanks.


Don't settle for anything less.. Discover more with TuffAnt.


Important Note: TuffAnt Under Body Armour must be installed with the TuffAnt RockSliders


More images coming soon!


International Freight: Shipping prices at checkout are indicative only. If the shipping company quotes are different at time of booking, a member of the TuffAnt Team will be in contact with you.

If you live outside the listed areas contact us at to arrange a quote.

TuffAnt Underbody Armour - New Defender 110 & 130

PriceFrom $1,899.00
GST Included
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