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The newest addition to the range is the TuffAnt Alloy Wheel Fitter, changing the back breaking activity of fitting alloy wheels a breeze.


When you're ready to mount your wheel, screw one or two TuffAnt Wheel Fitters to your wheel studs, as shown in the photo (we find one at the top and one at the bottom easiest). This allows you to simply pick up your alloy wheel and slide over the fitters, and they are automatically centered ready for wheel nuts.  There is no more need to do the tricky business of trying to hold the wheel, centre the wheel and push it into place all at the same time as screwing on a nut.


Once you have two or three nuts on, unthread the TuffAnt Alloy Wheel Fitter and replace with nuts.  It's faster, safer, and much easier on your back. Add one or more to your toolkit today.


  **Please note: sold as single item**  


Includes free shipping to anywhere in Australia, just be sure to choose 'free shipping' at the checkout!

TuffAnt Alloy Wheel Fitter

GST Included
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