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The results of our Land Rover Photo Competition are in...

In late 2023, we hosted the TuffAnt Action Giveaway, drawing entries from all around the globe—from the deserts of central Australia to the stunning coastal cliffs of Bulgaria.

Given the exceptional quality we encountered, sorting through these submissions was no easy feat. Choosing finalists became a rewarding yet time-consuming task—a testament to the overwhelming response and the remarkable level of engagement we experienced.

Huge shoutout to automotive journalist, Robert Pepper, for agreeing to be our Guest Judge!


“Robert Pepper is an independent automotive journalist specialising in 4x4s, camping, towing, fast cars, and tech. Robert’s mission is to make these high-risk activities safer through education informed by his own experience, as well as a commitment to inclusivity. He has written four books and hundreds of articles for outlets in Australia and around the world, and designed and delivered driver training courses in all aspects of offroading, towing and car control.”

Robert is on Facebook as @RobertPepperJourno.

You can check out his video counting down the top twelve finalists here:

Congratulations to the winner, Kris Eric - a well-deserved conclusion to a great competition.

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