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NEW PRODUCT UPDATES: Land Rover Underbody Armor and Rear Tray

Introducing the TuffAnt Rear Tray for Your New Defender 110

We are thrilled to announce the recent arrival of the TuffAnt Rear Tray, designed to revolutionise the way you organize and power your New Defender 110. Just landed in Australia, this rear tray is the epitome of innovation, combining durability, functionality, and customization options to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose the TuffAnt Rear Tray?

Crafted from premium-grade aluminum and powder-coated black, the TuffAnt Rear Tray ensures a lightweight yet incredibly robust addition to your vehicle. This tray is designed to replace the underfloor foam entirely, maximizing the available space for a more practical and personalized storage solution.

Key features include:

  • Dual 50-amp Anderson Plug Cut-Outs: Provides flexibility and convenience, allowing seamless integration with your vehicle’s 12-volt system.

  • Pass-Through Access for 120 and 175-amp Anderson Connectors: Enables direct connections to additional batteries, DC to DC chargers, compressors, and various 12-volt accessories.

  • Customizable Storage: Tailor your underfloor storage to suit your specific needs, enhancing your vehicle’s functionality and convenience.

With an internal height clearance of 150mm, the TuffAnt Rear Tray is designed to optimize space and make every journey more efficient.

Shipping Information

International freight prices at checkout are indicative. If the shipping company quotes differ at the time of booking, a member of the TuffAnt team will contact you. For those living outside the listed areas, please contact us at for a personalized shipping quote.

Elevate Your Defender's Protection with TuffAnt Underbody Armour

Your New Defender 110 deserves the best protection, and the TuffAnt Underbody Armour is engineered to deliver just that. This state-of-the-art underbody armor is designed to integrate seamlessly with the TuffAnt RockSliders, providing a comprehensive safeguard for critical components like the engine, gearbox, and factory fuel tanks.

Features and Benefits

Made from high-grade 5mm aircraft aluminum, the TuffAnt Underbody Armour strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight. Its precision engineering ensures your vehicle can tackle the toughest terrains with confidence, without adding unnecessary weight.

  • 3-Piece System: Offers complete protection for your vehicle's undercarriage.

  • Compatible with TuffAnt RockSliders: Ensures integrated protection.

  • Optional Compatibility with Long Ranger Defender Fuel Tanks: For those seeking extended range and adventure, a 2-piece design is available to accommodate additional fuel tanks.

This armor is a testament to TuffAnt’s commitment to quality and innovation, providing peace of mind for all your off-road adventures.

Installation Note

It's important to note that the TuffAnt Underbody Armour must be installed in conjunction with the TuffAnt RockSliders to ensure optimal protection and performance.

Discover More with TuffAnt

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to the protection and functionality of your New Defender 110. The TuffAnt Rear Tray and Underbody Armour are designed to elevate your driving experience, providing unmatched durability and customization.

Stay tuned for more images and updates as we approach the launch date. For any inquiries or further information, reach out to us at

Explore the possibilities. Choose TuffAnt.

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