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TuffAnt is excited to unveil the new TuffAnt Kakadu 20 wheel!


  ** Pre-Order Now & Save!**  

Expected Arrival Beginning July 2024


Building on the success of our highly popular 18" version, the Kakadu 20 brings the same stunning angle-spoked design to a larger format. This wheel is not just a head-turner with its sleek, stylish appearance; it’s also engineered to handle the toughest 4WDriving conditions.


With an impressive load rating of 1500kg and a lightweight construction, the TuffAnt Kakadu 20 offers exceptional strength and durability for Land Rover vehicles.


Whether you're navigating city streets or conquering rugged off-road terrain, the TuffAnt Kakadu 20 combines unmatched performance with eye-catching style.



Available in Gloss Black, Smoked Grey and Bronze.


Set of 5 - $2750  

Set of 6 - $3300


- Load Rating: 1500kg

- Offset: ET25

- Size: 20" x 8.5"


Price is for a Set of TuffAnt Kakadu 20" alloys (wheel caps and nuts are not included. Factory supplied nuts and caps will fit these wheels)



IMPORTANT NOTE ON FREIGHT As of the 1st December 2020, the listed prices for freight of TuffAnts will be to commercial addresses only (commercial office or tyre fitters).  We can freight to residential, however this will incur an additional charge of $180 on top of the listed freight cost.  Please know this is not a TuffAnt charge, this is a cost implemented by TNT/FedEx. 


International Freight: Shipping prices at checkout are indicative only. If the shipping company quotes are different at time of booking, a member of the TuffAnt Team will be in contact with you.

If you live outside the listed areas contact us at to arrange a quote.

TuffAnt Kakadu 20

PriceFrom $2,612.50
GST Included
    1. Wash regularly. Getting dirty is fun, but keep your wheels happy by washing regularly, particularly after a beach run.
    2. Use running water, soap foam, but no chemical cleaners.
    3. Keep it smooth folks, no abrasives here. Use wheel mits or wheel cleaning brushes, just please dont use scourers or other abrasive materials.
    4. Dry off with a chamois or soft cloth.
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