33% OFF!  

We have VERY LIMITED STOCK of TUFFANT Steelies for Discovery 3 and 4 that are a close tolerance fit.

These wheels are identical to our normal TUFFANT Originals but the rim profile is slighly under specification.  As a result these wheels MAY require slight alteration to fit.  Every wheel has been checked for balance and carry the normal TUFFANT Guarantee on Quality.  These wheels are priced to clear and have a no return policy if they dont fit.



As of the 1st December, the listed prices for freight of TuffAnts will be to commerical addresses only (commercial office or tyre fitters). TNT have opted to implement an additional $175 charge for any shipment of our wheels to residential addresses. TuffAnt has absorbed all price rises and residential charges until now, but we cannot absorb this hike, so sadly we need to implement this change from December 1.


We have raised the matter with TNT (now owned by FedEx) and are currently looking at other companies, but until further notice all deliveries from December 1 need to be to commercial premises only (ie Home Offices do no apply).


Freight of Steelie and Alloys to metro locations are:

Brisbane $65, Sydney $95, ACT $135, Melbourne $135, Adelaide $165, Hobart $175, Perth $195.  **These prices are for commercial addresses only**


If you live outside the listed areas contact us at info@tuffant.comto arrange a quote. 


 To ensure you understand, please call to discuss prior to purchase on the number below.  


Once these wheels are sold, pricing will return to normal.

TuffAnt Steelies for D4 Limited - CLEARANCE SALE 33% OFF

AU$1,260.00 Regular Price
AU$844.20Sale Price